Saturday, 24 October 2015

Never miss a DART again ... conditions apply

Just a short post about this handy little script one of my co-workers (Tim Czerniak) wrote :

This post will only be of interest if you meet the following criteria :

  • You live in Dublin
  • You use the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport)
  • You use Ubuntu for your main OS
  • You have Docker installed

If you don't meet all of these criteria then you might as well move along ... 

For everyone/anyone who is still here then the following post is about running the Dart script inside a container and displaying the information using Conky on your desktop.  

I personally find this useful during working hours as I can keep an eye on when to leave without opening a terminal or browser.

Source can be found here :

3 Steps :

Update the conkyrc file
Build the Docker image
Run the container

Looks like this when running : 

That's it.  Might be of interest to someone.

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